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Can Facebook work for B2B?

June 27, 2013

Facebook is where people go to chat with friends, to see what people they know are doing, to organise meeting up. It’s a social environment where people might be receptive to consumer brands that are part of their personal life – but is it a… Read more..

Posted by Jenni Malley
Social Media

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B2B Email clients in the UK [Infographic]

June 26, 2013

Statistics about which email clients people are using to open emails have been around for a few years. Thanks to companies such as Litmus these stats are readily available and most ESP's including Extravision give you the ability to report on the opens per email… Read more..

Posted by Simon Hill
Deliverability, Email Design, General

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What is your company’s email sign-off process?

June 21, 2013

Email sign-off is a topical subject here at Extravision, because we’ve recently handed the management of account usernames and passwords over to clients. This means an administrator for each account can now allocate the appropriate level of access to each team member, giving full submission rights… Read more..

Posted by Joel Jarman

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Why email marketing can help SMEs and how to make the most of it

June 20, 2013

Despite the growth of social media and other digital platforms, email is thriving. Consistently useful, email has underpinned the growth of many businesses, and, for SMEs, there’s no doubt it is the quickest and most effective lead generation tool and has the highest ROI.  The… Read more..

Posted by Joel Jarman

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What is content marketing and are you getting it right

June 3, 2013

The term ‘content marketing’ has to be one of the most frequently-used marketing terms of recent years  – but what does it really mean? The best definition I’ve come across is from the Content Marketing Institute: “… creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to… Read more..

Posted by Paul Latham

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How to craft the perfect re-engagement email: Topshop example

In an ideal world, everyone on your list would be eagerly awaiting your email. They…

Jenni Malley
June 1, 2017

How To Get Your Perfect Email Template

If you send email campaigns then you probably use a template. Not every email campaign…

Jenni Malley
May 12, 2017

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