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Celebrate with an email

January 10, 2012

Recently I celebrated my birthday and I received a flurry of texts, tweets and Facebook posts wishing me well, as well as a few real cards through the letterbox! I also got some emails from brands and businesses I’d subscribed to, who had cleverly used… Read more..

Posted by Jenni Malley
Writing copy

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The basics of good email creative don’t change

January 5, 2012

This post was originally posted on the DMA Email Marketing Blog Early last year the DMA’s Legal and Best Practice hub and I published a whitepaper on Email Creative. It was never meant as a definitive guide to creating great email campaigns but more a… Read more..

Posted by Simon Hill
Email Design

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What’s wrong with caching

January 4, 2012

We recently noticed some odd behavior with the Google Chrome and Internet Explorer web browsers, where we'd alter a resource like an image or SWF file, and although we would see the changes fine here, they wouldn't show up to anyone else for what looked… Read more..

Posted by Tom Chiverton

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Line height issues in Outlook

Line height is not always consistent when viewing emails in Outlook. This is especially true…

Andrew Chau
March 1, 2017

Are you making the most of your ESP?

If you use an Email Service Provider, you now get some pretty powerful technology alongside…

Jenni Malley
February 10, 2017

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