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Email is king

April 25, 2010

In these fiercely competitive times, businesses increasingly compete on the basis of customer relationships. So if you're not talking to your existing and prospective customers on a regular basis, you can guarantee that your rivals are. When it comes to building and maintaining strong customer… Read more..

Posted by Paul Latham

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Question Time? Party Political emails up for debate

April 19, 2010

Loving The Yellow Brick Road's recent review of the html newsletters for each political party. Yes, the Conservative one from George Osborne had a personal signature, but it was very wordy with no sub-headings, making it pretty hard to digest. Yes, The Green Party one is… Read more..

Posted by Paul Latham
Topical email

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iPad – What’s all the fuss about ?

April 7, 2010

So, the new great invention from Apple was released in the US this week. The iPad was released on Saturday 3rd April and people queued for hours to try and get hold of one. It seems that Apple have the knack of developing products that… Read more..

Posted by Simon Hill

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Email goes all social

April 2, 2010

Just as “two heads are better than one”, it makes sense that two complementary marketing practices can be used more effectively to engage with customers in less of a disjointed way. Consumers need brand consistency as they jump from one social platform to the next… Read more..

Posted by Paul Latham
Social Media

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