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The 100th Extravision email marketing blog

May 8, 2012

We wrote our very first blog over 2 years ago and since then we’ve written an astonishing 100 articles in total!
I doubt you’ve read all 100, and congratulations if you have… but in brief we mostly like to share our email marketing top tips, give our opinion on industry news and let you have a little sneak peek as to what goes on behind the scenes at Extravision.

But why should you blog?

Blogs are a perfect tool for sharing knowledge and position your voice as an expert in your industry. So when you find it hard to motivate yourself to write, here are some quick reasons why blogging is important for your business.

1.       Branding

Blogging is an extension of your brand values and everything you stand for. So if you are a friendly and approachable business, then don’t write stuffy wordy blogs overcomplicated with lots of industry jargon.

2.       Personality

Never forget that people relate to people, don’t be afraid to let go and let your personality shine through. It’s ok to slip in a little about yourself every now and then; no-one wants to take advice from a one dimensional robot!

3.       SEO

Blogs have impact on your Google ranking. They are a great way of keeping your website updated if you do not have other regular content being uploaded. These pages tell Google you are alive and kicking so searchers know where to find you.

4.       Content

Do you sometimes struggle to generate suitable content for the rest of your marketing strategy? A great blog means you don’t have to scratch around and write additional articles. Blogs are great for using across the rest of your digital strategy.
I could give you several more reasons why you should blog but I don’t think I should spend any more time convincing you. After all it’s not typical of my personality.

Posted by Jenni Malley
Writing copy

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