Dynamic content

Email is no longer static and frozen at the time you press send.

Our real time dynamic content widgets allow you to customise the content of your email at the time of opening based on location, device used, weather etc.

Pricing is based on a one-off setup fee and cost per email open (approx. 1p per open with discounts for volume).

Countdown Timer

Let your audience know that it is time to act now. Create a sense of urgency or anticipation by including a countdown timer in your emails. Choose from one of several visually appealing countdown timers for the look that best fits your needs.

Geo Targeting

Using Geo Targeting you can determine the location of the recipient and serve them local, relevant content when your email is opened. Display different offers, deals, events etc. based on the location where the email was viewed.

Device Targeting

Your emails are read on mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. What if you could customize what content to display and where to link based on how your recipients read your emails? Device targeting makes it easy.

Weather Targeting

Nothing is more relevant and current than the weather. Display different offers, deals, events etc. based on local weather conditions.

Local Maps

When your emails are opened your recipients will see a map centred on their current location with the points-of-interest highlighted closest to them. You can even display custom markers. The points of interest can be anything from nearest shops and restaurants or your local branch office.

Embedded Video

Video in email has long been a problem due to the varying number of email clients and their support for video. Using our video embedder you upload your video in one format and we display the optimsed video format for each recipient’s inbox. You can also target video ads based on recipient time, location, and device.

Live Feeds

You publish a blog or other data that is exposed through RSS. Add this live feed to your email campaigns and always have them stay in sync with the latest updates. Feed items are updated when the email is opened.

Social Feeds

People are talking about your brand or a related topic on Twitter. With a few clicks you can drop this live conversation into your emails. Reinforce your message with the social conversation happening around it.

Web feeds

Often your website is the most up to date source of information such as current stock, flight information or whatever it might be. Display this live information directly in your emails when they are opened.

Rules Engine

The rules engine allows you to target multiple types of recipient context such as time, location, device type, weather and more. Set up a range of criteria and display the content appropriate to a recipient who matches the rules.

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