Behavioural content

Behavioural data is often spread across multiple systems and databases

What about if all your behavioural data was collected and stored in one place without the need for any integration to your backend systems. This is what we do. One line of JavaScript at the top of each page is all it takes.

We collect anonymous data for every visit to your website and automatically build a database of all your products, associated images, cost etc. All the information is collected directly from your website using information already available. When visitors sign in, complete a purchase, signup for your newsletter or click through from a link in an email, we can de-anonymise the data associated with the person. You then have all the behavioural history for this visitor.




Cart abandonment messages in real-timeau_behavioural_tickau_behavioural_tickau_behavioural_tickau_behavioural_tick
Single product details and pictureau_behavioural_tickau_behavioural_tickau_behavioural_tickau_behavioural_tick
Single-step programmesau_behavioural_tickau_behavioural_tickau_behavioural_tickau_behavioural_tick
Real-time Dashboardau_behavioural_tickau_behavioural_tickau_behavioural_tickau_behavioural_tick
Registered Customer & new addressesau_behavioural_tickau_behavioural_tickau_behavioural_tickau_behavioural_tick
Browser abondonment message in real-timeau_behavioural_tickau_behavioural_tickau_behavioural_tick
Details and pictures of all cart contentsau_behavioural_tickau_behavioural_tickau_behavioural_tick
Multi-step programmesau_behavioural_tickau_behavioural_tickau_behavioural_tick
Real-time reports & Live cart displayau_behavioural_tickau_behavioural_tickau_behavioural_tick
Products database & insightau_behavioural_tickau_behavioural_tickau_behavioural_tick
Custom cart/website supportau_behavioural_tickau_behavioural_tickau_behavioural_tick
Real-time, behavioural personalization for all emailsau_behavioural_tickau_behavioural_tick
Personalize emails with dynamic HTML, such as Trending Productsau_behavioural_tickau_behavioural_tick
Real-time form abandonment emailsau_behavioural_tickau_behavioural_tick
API accessau_behavioural_tickau_behavioural_tick
Real-time behavioural personalization for your websiteau_behavioural_tick
Personalize emails with real-time image servingau_behavioural_tick
Firehose of browse and purchase dataau_behavioural_tick
Dedicated Account Managerau_behavioural_tick
Trigger message via IVR, Call Centre (POA)au_behavioural_tick
Trigger Analytics – behavioural segments sent automatically to your ESP210
Max Languages / Currencies Supported11210
Reporting data retention (months)13618
Maximum Users555100

Data Layers & Microdata

Most ecommerce websites are generated from data stored in a database. This data is displayed using HTML and then behavioural tools have to convert the html pages back into what is called structured data.

The Digital Data Layer (DDL) and Microdata are two different ways of exposing this structured data directly on your web pages. The more information you make available the more data you have to analyse and work with. Adding this additional data also enables new tools and applications that make use of the structure such as analytics tools and search engines such as Google and Yahoo

The Digital Data Layer (DDL) is a standard produced by W3C and is implemented in JavaScript and is not embedded in the HTML mark-up of a page.

Microdata is a HTML specification used to nest metadata within the HTML of web pages. Search engines such as Google and Bing benefit greatly from direct access to this structured data because it allows search engines to understand the information on web pages and provide more relevant results to users.

By exposing more detailed information about products in your structured data you can better segment and target. You can show which age group a product might relate to, other items that you might need with this product, the weight of the product etc. The information is only limited by what you have available.

We can then use all this data for highly targeted real time behavioural marketing.


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