How automation can help your business

Every customer and prospect is unique and you need to communicate with them using relevant content at the right time. The more customers you have the harder it becomes. Automation allows you to improve your email marketing efficiency by reducing the time it takes to generate campaigns and making the content more relevant.





Shopping cart recovery

Cart recovery alone can increase your online revenue by 21.5%

When people shop online they browse the available products and place products they want to buy into their online shopping cart or shopping basket. For some reason or other they never complete the purchase and leave the website, leaving the products in their online basket. This is called shopping cart or basket abandonment. On average 70% of all shopping carts are abandoned but this figure can be much greater.

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Reasons for abandoning shopping carts vary from problems with the shipping costs, not being ready to purchase, looking for a better price or just saving the product to purchase at a later date.

The fact that the visitor has put the items in their basket shows that they have an interest in those products and probably an intention to buy.

Our technology enables you to target these people by sending them an email within minutes showing them the products they have left in their cart. This will prompt them to complete the purchase and if they click through from the email and complete the purchase then this is a recovered cart. Using this approach can increase online sales by as much as 25%.

We can increase this figure even further by creating multi-stage cart recovery programs with emails sent at varying intervals to the visitor. We can also include additional information in the emails such as special offers or related products that they might be interested in.

Unlike other solutions we don’t have to wait for the shopper to login to be identified. If they enter their email address anywhere on your site we will recognise this and identify the shopper. Using this advanced identification we can identify over 4x as many shoppers as the standard Magento plug-ins.

Our automation software intergrates with any eCommerce platform including Magento,Shopify and Opencart. No backend integration is required and your cart abandonment program can be up and running within minutes. If you have a custom cart it is no problem. Just install our script and we will do the rest.

Get started with cart recovery

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Triggered Campaigns

Triggered or event driven campaigns are more relevant, drive efficiency and generate more revenue

They work 24 x 7 to deliver timely content leaving you free to develop more campaigns or fine tune your existing programs.

Trigger types include transactional, behavioural and recurring.

If you send a post purchase email then this is a transactional trigger. The action of making the purchase triggered the post purchase campaign.

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If you send a customer a birthday email then this is a recurring trigger. The date triggered the birthday campaign and it is recurring because it will trigger every year.

If you send a follow up campaign to someone who has clicked on a link in your newsletter then this is a behavioural trigger. Clicking a link in the newsletter was the behaviour that triggered the follow up campaign.

Campaign triggers based on online behaviours –



  • Age
  • Gender
  • Nearest store
  • Product preferences
  • Buy for self / as a gift
  • etc

au_expanded_emailEmail behaviour

  • Opened email
  • Did not open email
  • Clicked on link in email
  • Bounced
  • No mailing activity

au_expanded_relationshipRelationship behaviour

  • Purchase history
  • Survey results
  • Loyalty points
  • Product searches
  • Abandonded carts
  • etc

au_expanded_webWeb behaviour

  • Cart abandonded
  • Product searched
  • Form completed
  • File downloaded
  • Video viewed
  • Custom event

au_expanded_offlineOff-line behaviour

  • Voucher redemption
  • Store purchase
  • Event attendance
  • Call centre activity
  • Catalogue request
  • etc


Triggered campaigns are a valuable tool that is often ignored because it is thought to be too complex and difficult to setup. Our drag and drop builder makes it easy to create triggered marketing programs within minutes ranging from single stage to multi stage campaigns.

Get started with triggered campaigns

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Browse abandonment

Visitors often browse on one device and purchase on a different device

When someone visits your online store and browses through the various product pages but doesn’t put anything in their shopping cart then this is called browse abandonment. They have some interest in the products they have been looking at but not enough to put them in a basket.

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Browse abandonment often happens when someone browses on one device to research products and then completes the purchase on a different device at a later date. Often people will browse many different websites on their mobile device looking for a product or the best deal and then will complete the transaction on their laptop, desktop or tablet at a later date.

Our technology enables you to target these people that have browsed products by sending them an email within minutes showing them the products they browsed and prompting them to complete the purchase. Browse abandonment emails can increase your online revenue by as much as 10%.

We can increase this figure even further by creating multi-stage browse abandonment programs with emails sent at varying intervals to the visitor. We can also include additional information in the emails such as special offers or related products that they might be interested in. No backend integration is required and your cart abandonment program can be up and running within minutes.

Get started with browse abandonment

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Real time dynamic content

Email is no longer static and frozen at the time you press send

There used to be only one type of dynamic content. This was created before the email was sent and was based on what you already knew about the recipient to create a custom email.

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With real time dynamic content only one version of the message is sent to everybody and the content is determined when the recipient opens the email. Rather than being frozen in time when you hit “send”, real time dynamic content provides live content that adapts to when, where, and how your recipients open and interact with your messages, transforming boring content into real-time relevant content.

The email is relevant and live every time the customer opens the email not just the first time. You can show location specific information including maps, countdown timers that change in the inbox, live twitter and RSS feeds from your website, video in your email and much, much more.

The recipient of the email does not have to download any software or use a specific email client to get live streaming content in the email.

Find out more about what you can do with real-time dynamic content

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Behavioural content

Data is often spread across multiple systems and databases

Relevant content is the key to success of any email campaign and nothing is more relevant than content based on your current or past behaviour. The problem with this is that the data about a visitor’s behaviour normally resides in various locations including ecommerce platforms, web analytics tools and your CRM.

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Pulling all this data together and feeding it into your email service provider to create behavioural content is often too costly for a lot of online businesses. With our technology and services your campaigns can achieve the same level of complexity as the leading retailers with only a modest investment.

Our technology gathers all your behavioural data in one place with no backend integration and makes it easy to feed live behavioural content into your email campaigns. The data reflects what a subscriber has been doing on your website and covers browse activity, transactional activity, products carted and abandoned.

The emails can feature crowd-sourced content from your website such as the most popular products at the time the email is opened and can use live feeds to show hot or trending products. Email content can be based on items the recipient has purchased or abandoned in the past or based on their recent browse activity.


Find out more about behavioural content

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Email retargeting

Target your email opens with display ads

Retargeting is way of reaching out to your subscriber base and reinforcing your email campaign even when the recipients are not reading their email.  Using display advertising, anyone who opens your email will be served ads all over the web as they browse.  It is a very effective addition to any email campaign for cross channel marketing.

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A retargeting pixel is added to your email campaign. When the recipient opens the email the re-targeting is activated.  When that recipient then starts to browse the internet your display ads will appear.

We recommend that your campaign is expected to have a minimum of 1000 unique opens as a minimum audience to target with display ads.


Get started with email re-targeting

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