Corporate Christmas Ecards are back again

Posted on Thursday December 1st, 2011 by Jenni Malley

Talk of Christmas started back in August for Extravision, when we created our new corporate Christmas ecard range, and I’m happy to say that since then we’ve had lots of interest.

It’s now 1st December and we can officially start the countdown. Decorations will be going up across homes and offices throughout the land.  Some people will have ‘Christmas all wrapped up’. You know the type (women?), shopping done, cards written etc. I hate those people! And there will be the other group of people (men?) for who Christmas hasn’t even crossed their minds, and probably won’t until the 24th December! 

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The death of internal email

Posted on Friday December 9th, 2011 by Jenni Malley

There are to be no more internal emails sent. Ever.

Fortunately this only applies to one company, Atos. This technology giant is one of the first to impose a ban on internal emails to be brought in by 2014.  It seems radical and unimaginable at first. But take a minute to think about all the new mediums of technology now being used to communicate – Skype, Facebook and Blackberry Messenger to name a few. There is a whole host of other ways to send electronic messages that which has already begun to dilute of use of email. Think about when there were only 4 terrestrial TV channels to watch. Now with hundreds of channels available thanks to providers such as Sky, Virgin Media and Freeview, there are constantly reports that viewing figures for normally top rated shows, are slumping.

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